Building Your Brighter Future With IT

Technology was not always celebrated. Less than 15 years ago we would take surveys about how much TV and computer time we had, as if we should feel guilty about our time spent in front of a screen. And then try to limit such time to two hours a day. The fear was that too much screen time would sever our relationships, or turn us into zombies. Well those days are long gone. Anything less than five hours a day and we’re not doing our job. Screen time, as it stands today, is a necessity in the modern economy, it drives not only innovation and invention, but the communication which grows businesses and gives power back to the consumer through online recommendations and reviews.

The truth is technology has improved, but people have adapted new ways to interact with technology and repurpose technology to fit a different need in our lives. Technology as an art, is a concept most people did not grasp until the introduction of the Apple consumer-revolution. We can use it to access sports scores or share a picture of the kids. But technology as a business tool gives you the ability to flourish into a true force. And the right technology will give any owner an advantage over his competition.

The tools we use to perform our jobs should evoke a positive emotion and improve our focus on the task. How many times has a software update crossed your screen, and you think, ‘Am I supposed to accept this? Are there implications?’ Or worse you are bumped off a server and cannot reconnect. This is when technology can be frustrating. And during business hours can affect your bottom line.

There is so much administrative overhead; the last thing people need is to deal with is maintenance of their modern office tools. Unless you manage your business all by pen and paper you need a computer, communication technology and, a way to keep all your data organized so that it is easily accessible from everywhere, all of the time. If you don’t employ an access to everything, everywhere, all-the-time platform, the next small business owner (SBO) who does, possesses a significant competitive advantage over you.

Information Technology (IT) is inter-woven into the fabric of every business today. Whether you’re a solo-practitioner or a publicly traded company, technology exists to aide and assist you in completing everyday tasks as efficiently as possible. Most SBO’s start a company because they believe they have a product, or service, which people want. SBO’s believe they can make a better life for themselves providing it to others on their own, as opposed to working for a larger organization. We’re in the middle of a small-business revolution. More people are starting their own businesses either because they are unemployed or because they no longer wish to live inside corporate shareholder-interest-based company.

The idea is to operate your business like a shareholder with dividends, but treat your clients as if your next breath depends on their satisfaction.

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