Wow! Proud to be a Tyree Award Finalist

CPURX was just announced by the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce as one of the front runners for the prestigious James Tyree Emerging Business Leadership Award.  We’re in great company with 12 talented Chicagoland entrepreneurs and will participate in the April 12 pitch contest at Mesirow Financial. The $50,000 award recognizes high-growth local businesses with philanthropic values and[…]

CPURX Urgent Care Techs Save Chicago Real Estate Firm From IT Nightmare

For Triview’s office manager, keeping up with the office I.T. had become a nightmare. Luckily, CPURX was on hand to clean up the mess and save the day. Symptoms Triview’s office manager was burdened with all things technical, from managing email accounts to contacting technology vendors and trying to troubleshoot computer problems with their help.[…]