CPURX One-Stop-Shop Helps Chicago Association Cut IT Expenses By 40%

After years of dealing with unhelpful I.T. vendors and underperforming solutions, Chicago Builders Association needed a trusted partner.


When we first met with CBA, they were using 13 different technology vendors. Internet service, phone and fax, backup and recovery, e-mail hosting, cloud server hosting, website hosting, domain registry, Domain Name Service (DNS), cybersecurity, I.T. support, and copy and print services were all being handled by different companies. As a result, technology spending was out of control.

To make matters worse, the quality of service they were receiving was poor. Their cloud server, email system, phones, and computers were all plagued by problems.

Attempts to contact vendors for help just resulted in further frustration. Vendors responded to queries slowly, and problems rarely were resolved in a satisfactory manner. Like many technology companies, the vendors they dealt with seemed to be concerned only with their bottom line; one CBA employee described them as being “shady.”

Diagnosis & Treatment

In short, CBA’s I.T. infrastructure was a mess. CBA needed a partner they could truly trust to get things back on track.

The first step in assisting CBA was to consolidate services and reduce the number of vendors being utilized. Thanks to the SuiteTalk business phone system paired with our comprehensive 360° TechCare solution, we were able to cut down the number of vendors to two: CPURX, and an internet provider.

We also improved the quality of CBA’s infrastructure. SuiteTalk replaced a poorly implemented VoIP solution, and fixed issues with garbled conversations and dropped calls. We also replaced a cloud server that the vendor had oversold and overloaded; before we stepped in, performance was poor in general, and during peak business hours was virtually unusable.


Not only did we fix the outstanding I.T. performance issues plaguing CBA, we also were able to save them 40% on monthly I.T. costs. CBA employees are happy to have a single, reliable help desk to call when issues do arise. Best of all, CBA has reported that our solutions have resulted in substantial productivity gains.

We’re proud of the work we did with CBA, and we’d love to assist your business too. Contact us today to arrange for a free consultation and learn how CPURX can make your work life easier.

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