CPURX Urgent Care Techs Save Chicago Real Estate Firm From IT Nightmare

For Triview’s office manager, keeping up with the office I.T. had become a nightmare. Luckily, CPURX was on hand to clean up the mess and save the day.


Triview’s office manager was burdened with all things technical, from managing email accounts to contacting technology vendors and trying to troubleshoot computer problems with their help. Balancing her daily duties with the work needed to keep the office I.T. running was becoming increasingly difficult.

There was no standardization in software and hardware within the office. Employees used a mix of different operating systems and devices, leading to compatibility and maintenance issues.

Setting up new employees for the growing company was especially cumbersome. The office manager had to contact several different companies, and completing the process required an inordinate amount of time.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Our first step was to enroll all computers in our 360TechCare Managed I.T. & Help Desk program. This ensured that all computers received necessary updates and daily performance maintenance.

We followed up by migrating their email accounts to the Office 365 platform. This platform provided a centralized management console for all of their users, and also gave users full Exchange email accounts.


After implementation of 360TechCare, the overall performance of office computers improved substantially. By becoming the office manager’s single point of contact for all I.T. needs, we also freed her to focus on her daily duties. When new employees were hired, she simply contacted CPURX, and we took care of the rest.

Ultimately, we helped employees at Triview Property management become more productive, with less stress. Contact us today to arrange for a free consultation and learn how CPURX can make your work life easier.

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