Tech Trends in 2014

Security Concerns Grow as the Hybrid Cloud Continues to Show Its Value

When I look back at the good and bad of 2014, two areas really stand out. First of all, it is clear that maintaining the security of data and devices continues to be a major issue within the technology world. From hacks of Home Depot, Sony and Chase to the release of viruses that target mobile phones, businesses and consumers have more reasons than ever to worry about security. On a more positive note, many technologies continue to develop in ways valuable to small and medium sized businesses. In particular, hybrid cloud solutions are emerging as an optimum approach for solving many crucial business IT problems.

Security Breaches & Data Theft

This year it seems that the list of security breaches has been endless. Home Depot experienced a security breach that may have exposed 53 million emails and 56 million credit card accounts. Sony was particularly embarrassed when attackers managed to penetrate their entire system, leading to the release of materials including screenplays and confidential emails that portrayed company executives in an unflattering light. Chase Bank was another target, with a recent security breach impacting 76 million households. Finally, tech giant Apple was shown to be vulnerable when celebrity iCloud accounts were accessed, resulting most infamously in the leak of nude photos of actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Mobile Phone Security Issues

As if worrying about the security of computers, servers, and online data was not enough, in 2014 threats to mobile security continue to become more prominent. Android phones proved especially vulnerable this year, with the NotCompatible virus causing significant concern. The Svpeng Trojan, which appears to originate from Russia, is another piece of Android malware that came to light recently. Svpeng is notable because it scans for banking apps installed on a user’s phone, which likely signals that in the future it will be used to steal online banking logins and passwords. Even the supposedly invincible iPhone proved to be vulnerable in 2014, with the release of the Wirelurker malware program. Although the damage caused by this malware has not proven to be serious, it seems likely that future attacks will result in real damage.

The Hybrid Cloud Matures

In the past year, hybrid cloud systems that augment traditional hardware systems with cloud-based infrastructure continue to prove their worth. These hybrid solutions allow businesses to take advantage of the best aspects of cloud computing while maintaining control over where vital data resides. Furthermore, utilization of localized hardware elements in these systems gives users extra protection in the event of cloud failure, and allows them to connect to the cloud in a secure fashion. While completely cloud-based solutions may incur steep costs for services such as data storage, hybrid cloud solutions often offer greater value, and allow businesses to scale their technology in an affordable manner as they grow.

Growing Together into the Future

At CPURX, we work hard to provide you with technology that is not only state of the art but also reliable and safe. Security is essential to everything we do, and this year, we hired an in-house security expert to ensure that we have the resources to meet our customers security needs in an insecure world. We understand the way cybercriminals think and the methods they use to attack, which allows us to better protect our customers’ devices and data. As a part of our hybrid cloud solutions, our data security and business continuity plans move your data away from the vulnerable public cloud and into a much safer private cloud. As we approach 2015, we are also developing mobile device management systems to address cell phone and mobile device security issues.

In conclusion, the CPURX team is proud of our ongoing efforts to provide our clients with value-driven, secure and dependable IT services. We look forward to continuing to grow with customers new and old in the year to come, and we hope that your year’s end is full of holiday cheer.

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