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I had 99 problems this election, but thanks to CPU RX, our technology wasn’t one.

– Director, City Government Elections Board

At CPU RX, we provide outsourced cybersecurity, CIO oversight, professional IT services, and technical support to organizations in public and private sectors across the USA.

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What we do


Robust systems to protect against data breaches, ransomware, and other cyber threats, maintaining operational integrity and customer trust.

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Managed IT Services

Our remote monitoring, maintenance, and IT support services maintain your network’s health and keep your technology system running smoothly.

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Virtual CIO

From technology budgets and roadmaps to managing vendors and conducting audits, our regular strategy meetings identify and mitigate risk.

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Navigating the complex landscape of IT and data governance with a compliance strategy and regular policy and procedure audits to ensure compliance.

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Cloud Services

Transitioning critical business systems and data to secure, scalable cloud platforms like Azure. Improve accessibility and reduce hardware costs.

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Business Continuity

Systems ensuring recovery of critical operations functionality during unforeseen disruptions, data loss, disaster events, and maintain service availability.

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IT Infrastructure

Upgrading outdated servers, networks, and storage for increased reliability, efficiency, enhanced security, cloud integration, and future scalability.

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Technical Support

Our talented team delivers expert assistance for your team’s Windows, Mac, and ChromeOS devices, apps, and services. Keeping your people focused and productive.

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