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In the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, cutting edge research requires the use of cutting edge technology. But maintaining and securing the needed IT infrastructure can be a huge pain. With 15 years of experience working with the biotech industry, CPU RX has the expertise to handle your IT and cybersecurity needs.

Intellectual property is at the heart of biotech and needs to be protected. A major security breach can be costly, or even destroy your business. CPU RX can help you manage and protect the vast arrays of data generated by ongoing biotech research and analysis.

We can also ensure your technology solutions are compliant with FDA, HIPAA, and other regulatory standards, while helping you to make informed decisions about the technology you rely on to innovate.

The need to stay competitive means that biotech firms are constantly dealing with new technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). We can help you safely integrate new technologies, while streamlining your systems to eliminate tech-related obstacles to productivity.

Whether your biotech laboratory uses Waters, Mettler Toledo, or Agilent scientific instruments, CPU RX can keep your infrastructure secure and your technology processes streamlined, freeing you to focus on growth and innovation.

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Secure Your Laboratory

We ensure that all devices are protected and that your communication infrastructure is secure and FDA compliant.

Scale Your Infrastructure

We have the expertise to upgrade and scale your infrastructure as your company grows and your technology needs evolve.

Increase Productivity

We implement stable and efficient IT solutions allowing you to increase productivity and minimize downtime.

Ensure Compliance

We provide you with regular technology audits that ensure that you are in compliance with regulations and standards such as HIPAA.

Is Your Biotech Firm at Risk of Getting Hacked?

Biotech and pharmaceutical companies are ideal targets for threat actors, who seek to profit by stealing intellectual property along with valuable financial transaction data. In addition, the complex IT infrastructure needed for data analytics, Product Lifecycle Management, clinical trials, and quality management systems creates unique cybersecurity challenges. That’s why CPU RX prioritizes robust cybersecurity solutions. We’ll work with you to shield your company’s systems.

Risk Assessment

Our customized security audit and risk assessment provides a detailed analysis of system vulnerabilities.

Proactive Security

Our Security Operations Center provides 24×7 next-generation Managed Detection and Response.

Cybersecurity Training

Regular cybersecurity training sessions help employees avoid falling for phishing attacks.

Incident Response

When a cybersecurity incident occurs, our experts quickly lock down systems and protect data.

Learn About Our Managed IT Services

With over 20 years of experience, CPU RX has the expertise needed to secure your systems and protect your confidential data. Contact us today to learn more about our managed IT services.

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