Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Keep your business up and running through any disruption. Our business continuity services include backup, disaster recovery, high-availability, replication, redundancy, virtualization, documentation and planning. Let us worry about keeping you online.

Data Backup & Restore

Backup generates peace of mind. We implement reliable backup schemes, with redundancy and encryption, to protect critical data locally and in the cloud. When data is corrupted or lost, rapid restoration is key. We test restoration procedures regularly for confidence they will work when needed – keeping downtime minimal.

Disaster Recovery

From fires to floods to theft, no one can anticipate every disaster. We develop and document contingency plans tailored to scenarios like natural disasters, cyber-attacks, and power outages. We generate full backups of your entire servers daily to ensure rapid restoration in a disaster event.


In times of disruption, confusion reigns without documentation. We ensure documentation of systems, processes, policies, and procedures stays current in case it’s needed unexpectedly

Offsite Replication

On-premises failures can take systems down. We replicate data and backups to geographically distant sites for recovery after localized outages.

Planning & Consulting

Preparedness takes planning. We guide you through the process of conducting business impact analysis, risk assessments, and continuity strategy planning to protect critical operations.


Downtime dings the bottom line.  Resilience requires redundancy for infrastructure, internet connections, servers, network switches, power, and data center operations. We build it into environments proactively, with fail-over mechanisms to ensure maximum up time.  For cloud systems, geo-diversity protects against location-specific disruptions.

Virtualization Services

Virtual servers, desktops, and apps maintain continuity when hardware fails by simply spinning back up on alternate resources. We realize the flexibility and mobility virtualization enables.

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