IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

We handle major infrastructure deployments and upgrades for Wi-Fi, servers, network expansion, connectivity, data centers, office relocation, and power backup. Our engineers seamlessly deliver complex projects on time and under budget.

Data Center Setup

When deploying new data center or co-location capabilities, our system engineers design and build the system architecture to meet requirements for power, cooling, cabling, servers, storage, network design, firewalls, and performance – optimized for your needs.

Internet Redundancy

A single internet line invites failure. We implement diverse connections from multiple providers and redundant gear for always-on connectivity. Internet outages are a problem of the past.

Network Engineering

For offices or data centers, we engineer and implement networks providing optimal performance, redundancy, scalability, and security leveraging solutions from leading vendors.

Office Expansions

Opening a new office? We seamlessly expand infrastructure and systems to new sites and users. You get the same connectivity, security, and capabilities.

Power Backup Solution

No power means no work. We provide redundant battery backups and surge suppression systems giving you runtime during brief power outages or brownouts.

Servers & Storage

We architect high-performance servers and light-speed storage solutions aligned to the workloads and growth of the most demanding sectors such as film and TV production firms. You gain performance, scalability, reliability, and efficiency without over-spending.

Site-to-Site Connectivity

Stay connected across locations. We deliver secure site-to-site connectivity via VPNs, Point-to-Point satellites, and wide area networking with the performance, redundancy, and security you need for multi-location operations.

Wi-Fi Deployments

Untether your workforce or upgrade your existing wireless technology with our enterprise Wi-Fi solutions. We deliver smooth, secure Wi-Fi providing signal coverage that scales – with next-gen gear from Cisco Meraki.

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