Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Migrate to the cloud on your terms with our integration, hosting, storage, productivity tools, assessments, phone systems, virtual firewalls, and more. We help you determine the best cloud solutions for your needs and budget.

Data Storage

Moving data storage to the cloud opens new possibilities for efficiency and resilience. We help you make the shift – and ensure continued data availability in cloud storage platforms like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Google Drive.

Government Cloud

For the public sector, we deploy secure cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure built specifically for federal, state, and local agencies. Compliance is assured.


Connecting applications between cloud platforms or integrating with on-premises systems can get complex. We make it smooth by understanding your operational goals to ensure integrations don’t create more problems than they were intended to solve. Strategic integration of applications can boost efficiency and ease administration.

Phone Systems

Cloud-hosted voice over IP (VoIP) delivers flexibility and features. We replace outdated PBXs with solutions like Microsoft Teams, Dialpad, and other third-party communications systems to unite your workforce.

Private Cloud Hosting

If public cloud doesn’t fit your needs, we provide tailored private cloud solutions hosted in our secure data centers or yours. We host servers for financial applications like QuickBooks, Microsoft’s Remote Web Workplace, and offsite backup of our mission-critical data. You maintain oversight and control.

Productivity Suites & Email

We help transition legacy on-premises systems to modern platforms and between existing cloud platforms like Office 365 and Google Workspace smoothly and securely, even for complex environments. The latest apps and seamless file sharing help teams work smarter.

Readiness Assessments

Moving systems to the cloud safely takes expertise. Before migrations begin, we conduct comprehensive assessments encompassing security, compatibility, training needs, costs, and productivity objectives to ensure you’re ready.

Virtual Firewalls

Our cloud-based software firewalls leverage cutting-edge AI to protect your network. These virtual firewalls provide full security capabilities powered by the same technology as physical appliances. With advanced features like anti-malware, DNS filtering, intrusion prevention, and web threat blocking, your cloud environment is shielded from sophisticated attacks.

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